Summer is coming…Look busy!

Summer skim

With spring in full swing and summer approaching it’s time to start planning those get-a-ways! If you have any powersport toys, boats, motorcycles, travel trailers or RVs it’s imperative that you think about their coverage. You may not realize that these fun items can have huge liability exposure, especially if you use them socially! Let your Bourg Insurance agent know if you own or plan on purchasing any of these.

Here are some helpful summer time vacation tips:

1) Make a written list of what you need to bring.

2) Do your research to find the perfect spot for you and your family.

3) Make copies of all your important cards and identification information.

4) Double check that all your doors and windows are locked and/or secured.

5) Never post your travel plans on social media like facebook or twitter. It could attract predators or theives.

6) Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail and feed any pets.

7) If possible, set automatic timers to turn your lights on, or at least leave a few lights on.

8) And finally, WEAR SUNSCREEN! We know far too much about skin cancer these days to allow ourselves to become the next victim. Go ahead, lather up, and protect yourself…


Do I HAVE to…purchase flood insurance?

Flooded HomeWell, you don’t “have to” do anything other than die and pay taxes, but if you choose to purchase a home in a flood plain, the mortgage company will require you to purchase flood insurance. Statistically there is a 1 in 4 chance of flooding in a high-risk area over a 30 year mortgage period. Even if you are not in a designated flood zone, you are in no way protected from flooding. Standard home insurance policies cover losses from overflowing sinks or bursting pipes but not from rising water. Around 25% of flood claims are made on properties outside of a flood zone. FEMA says, “Poor drainage systems, rapid accumulation of rainfall, snowmelt, and broken water mains can all result in flood. Properties on a hillside can be damaged by mudflow.” In Louisiana the chance of melting snow or a mudflow causing a flood is very minimal, but our levees systems are not foolproof as we found out in 2005.

Flood insurance premiums in a high-risk area are based on the elevation of the home compared to the BFE (base flood elevation).The higher your home is built up, the lower the premium. In low-risk zones the preffered policy premium is a set standard between 300-500 dollars. It’s pretty reasonable when you think about having $250,000 coverage. Regardless if you are in a flood zone or not, everywhere could be a flood zone. Weather patterns change and earth movements happen. Don’t put your property at risk, call your Bourg Insurance agent to run a free flood quote today!

Scheduling, No I don’t mean on your calendar…

antique-ring-01 Most of us own some type of valuable item,

many of us several. You may not realize that homeowners insurance has set limits for certain items like guns, jewlry, art, persian rugs, etc. Heaven forbid something happen to any of these items you may not receive the full value. Most companies have a $1000-2500 limit on these items. Let’s face it stuff happens: disasters, thievery, unexplained loss.

This is the time of year consumers tend to make big ticket item purchases. To avoid costly and sometimes impossible replacement, call your agency or insurance company to properly list or “schedule” these items on your policy. It’s probably not as expensive as you’d think, and peace of mind is worth every penny with irreplaceable goods.

Tired Driving Is Not Safe Driving!

Tired driving

Drowsy driving causes an alarming number of car accidents. Far too many individuals fail to realize how dangerous drowsy driving is until they find themselves involved in an unfortunate collision resulting in an auto insurance claim, property damage, injuries, and in some cases death . We want you to remain safe on the open roads, which is why we have gathered these important tips for knowing when it is time to pull over and take a nap before continuing your journey:

Did you know that driving while drowsy is almost equal to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol? If you have been deprived of sleep for 18 hours or more, it is equal to having your blood alcohol concentration at 0.08%. This means you are extremely susceptible to getting in an auto accident.
If you have been daydreaming while driving and find that you do not remember the journey of the past few miles, you are likely driving while too drowsy. At this time, it is important that you pull over and either get caffeine or take a nap to ensure safety on the roads.
Driving tendencies that mirror intoxicated driving habits such as drifting out of your lane, tailgating other vehicles, and hitting the shoulder rumble strip means you are too drowsy to drive. Simply pull over and allow yourself an hour to take a nap.
If the typical sleepy signs are starting to set in, yawning, rubbing your eyes, heavy eyelids, frequent blinking, etc., you may need some caffeine before it is safe to navigate the roads. Simply stop at a local gas station and grab a cup of coffee before driving again.

Credit: Fullhart Insurance Agency, Oregon

Sewer and Drain Problems Covered Too!


Water damage coverage is one of the more confusing topics in a homeowner’s policy. A HO3 (standard home policy) covers repairs of water damaged property caused by a discharge or overflow of a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or household appliance if it is on the residence premises. Specifically excluded is the leaking pipe itself; a pipe leak is often caused by simple wear and tear or age of the system, and that is a maintenance item. Another exclusion is water damage caused by discharge or overflow of a sewer, drain, or sump pump.

Sewer and drains are where many water losses occur. Luckily there is an endorsement commonly called “Water Backup” that can fill in the gap. This provides $5,000 of coverage for back up through a sewer or drain or overflow or discharge of a sump, sump pump or related equipment, even if the equipment suffers a mechanical breakdown. This endorsement typically costs only $25-30 annually. Call your Bourg Insurance Agent today and make sure you have Water Backup and Sump Discharge coverage!

What if Fido turns wolf?

Kali picture

What happens if your best canine friend’s naturual instincts kick in after being slapped by a small child visiting your home? Well it’s very possible you could be sued harshly after he bites the child.

Many insurance policies no longer cover animal bites, and most of those that do exclude certain breeds like Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pitbull, Rottweiler, etc. For a couple dollars a month you can add 25-50k animal liability.

No one wants to believe that their dog is mean, but they don’t have to be. My puppy is sweet as can be 90% of the time, but she is still an animal. If for whatever reason she decides she doesn’t like you, she let’s you know and barks. Its better to not even take a chance than to trust an animal will ALWAYS behave.

Did you know you can cover your home’s equipment???

Equipment Breakdown

Imagine a time in the middle of August that your AC unit suddenly stops working, and the repair man wants a couple thousand dollars to fix it. Homeowners often forget how many pieces of equipment and appliances are needed to keep their home running smoothly. It’s important to know that a typical home insurance policy does not cover essential home systems like your AC, water heaters, computers, and several others from sudden breakdown. BUT! There is now a coverage available called “Equipment Breakdown” that acts basically like a home warranty. For a few dollars a month you can add this valuable coverage on to your policy! Understand this does not provide coverage for normal wear and tear of aging systems but rather sudden “breakdowns”.

To read some more specifics on Safeco’s Equipment Breakdown coverage go here: